December 2016

Dear Taxpayers, Business Associates and Friends,

It is almost tax season again and we have many updates to share with you.

I hope you all had a great 2016 and plan for another outstanding year in 2017! We are here to help you. As you know our mission statement is “Minimize your Federal and State Taxes and Maximize your WEALTH”.

Our team (Myself, Terry Hazen, Carolyn Ward and Deb Sprague) have teamed up to help you with over 60 years combined tax (Federal, State, Corporate, Partnership, Estate, and Trust), accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, Rental Management and other business management/consultant experiences and support.

We have added our annual 2016/2017 Tax Tips to our website ( ) for your review. You will also find other important information regarding current tax matters too. We also offer our team profiles and resumes for your review on our web site at

Please don’t hesitate to contact one of us at the numbers listed below. We look forward to scheduling a tax meeting with you at one of our offices listed below. We will also be glad to drop by your house or office to meet and discuss your particular tax, accounting, payroll, personal, business, and/or financial needs any time during 2016/2017!

We have also moved into a new office at 600 E. State St. # 100, Eagle, Idaho 83616.  It is in  Hulme Insurance Office and we have setup a partnership with our teams to work together and service your needs.    Tom Hulme’s team has over 35 years of experience and they offer all types of insurances for your needs.    The office also includes members of AGP Advisors, who will offer you and other all types of investment ideas/plans.    Please plan to join us in the new office and the team can offer you free conversations or proposals on your needs.  The partnership in the office is for a one stop shopping conveniences.

Please see our coupon on our website to earn $25.00 discount or 10% off our services when you register on our website at We also want to let you know that you can earn another $20.00 off when you join and support our “Refer a Friend Program”.

Please visit our web site or give us a call for questions or more information.

With Our Very Best Regards.

David W. Hockman, BA,EA,PA, Accountant, Sr. Tax Specialist, Owner
Eagle Office: 1458 S. Blue Jay Pl., Eagle ID 83616
Office: 208-938-0701 or Cell: 208-891-7214
Fax: 208-939-0289,

Terry Hazen, Accountant, Sr. Tax Specialist
Office: 8711 San Anita Dr., Boise, ID 83 704
Office: 208-938-0701 or Cell: 208-891-2299,

Carolyn Ward, Office Manager, Payroll, Tax Support
Office: 1458 S. Blue Jay, Eagle, ID 83616
Office: 208-938-0701 or Cell: 208-891-7278 or Fax 208-467-9497,

Deb Sprague, QuickBooks, Payroll / Tax Assistant
Office: 1458 S. Blue Jay Pl. Eagle, ID 83616
Office: 208-938-0701 or Fax: 208-939-0289,

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