Accounting, Tax & Personal/Business Consulting Services:
We invest in the best financial software and computer systems on the market. We attend continuing education programs and use various research libraries to ensure we have the resources available to serve your needs..

  • Computerized Tax Return Services-Personal, Partnership, Corporate, Estate & Trust; File any Business Payroll Returns; and E-File(Electronic Filing your returns with (Intuit’s Lacerte & ProSeries Tax Software)
  • Computerized Bookkeeping & Payroll Services with Intuit’s, QuickBooks and Enhances Payroll; Provide QuickBooks Pro Advisor Support
  • Accounting Systems Support Services (Intuit’s QuickBooks: Basic, Pro, Premier Accountant and Enterprise Editions)
  • Financial Statements(Intuit’s QuickBooks: Premier & Enterprise Solutions Editions)
  • Budgeting, Projections & Strategic Planning (QuickBooks: Premier Accountants)
  • Project Consulting(Various)
  • Financial Services(Various)
  • IRS & State Tax Agencies Support: Notices, Solutions, Hardships, Offer In Compromise(OIC) & More

The following provides a brief description of our team support and services we provide.

Computerized tax preparation and planning. We invest in the best tax software and computer systems on the market. We attend continuing education programs and use various research libraries to ensure we have the resources available to do your taxes right.  We maximize accuracy with our checklists and multiple proofing procedures to guarantee each tax return.

Computerized Accounting, bookkeeping and payroll generation. We can do or support you with any accounting, bookkeeping and payroll at our offices or at your place of business.  We can set up your business on a server so you are able to log in and review your business books.

Computer accounting systems installation, training and maintenance. We have experience with many computerized accounting systems, and know how to make them work to fit your business.  By integrating our computer technology into your business’s daily operations, an information system can be created that will provide useful information on a timely basis.   Decisions can be made more effectively and profitable.

Financial statement preparation and analysis (graphic and ratio analysis). Your financial statements present important information about your business.  In addition to presenting this information in a professional format, we can help you analyze and understand what your financial information is communicating.

Budgeting, projections and strategic business planning. Business planning is important to a business’s success.  As one key executive stated, “Lack of a plan is a plan to fail.”  Business plans provide a map of how you can achieve your goals.  We have computer models and extensive experience to assist in the planning process.  We can help you integrate the plan into your operations and assist in SBA planning and periodical reviews of your actual vs. your plan.

Business & Management Consulting on Various Projects. Whether you are considering a new expansion, obtaining major financing or wanting to sell your business, it is often invaluable to have an outside advisor work with you through the process.  Our 30 years of experience and perspectives can give you additional insight, ideas and  resources to perform the analysis and put a professional presentation together.  We also can offer Consultant support and help you take on that additional project to completion.

Financial Services. We can provide you various estate, trust and wealth tax preparation and planning that can protect your money. We also develop plans to prevent the government from taxing all of your wealth.

IRS & State Tax Agencies Support.  We support & resolve any IRS or State Tax Agencies tax notice, letter, or issue with the IRS or State Tax Agencies.   Please contact us and let us review your facts and go to work for you to handle & resolve any of your tax issues.

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